The Digital Troubador

In June 2011 I was awarded an EPSRC grant to undertake research on text to tune alignment in medieval music, under the supervision of Dr Nicolas Gold (University College London).

Since no recordings of medieval songs dating from the time they were written exist, different ways in medieval musicwhich the performances can be undertaken were explored.

The project employs genetic algorithms, to evolve and output performances of medieval songs, given randomly generated candidate performances.



Once a set of good performances (solutions) had been generated and rendered into readable music, they were then presented to the user for further evaluation.

To help analyse the results, I worked in collaboration with Prof Ardis Butterfield, Dept. of  English, UCL, and Dr Helen Deeming, Dept. of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London.

For further information about the project, you can view the paper here.


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