IBM Research

During my internship at IBM Research India, I worked on two projects. The first involved building a user study to evaluate radial information visualizations.  This involved collating raw data and creating a concise study with a questionnaire, using the PRETAR framework

Pretar Ladder

The second project entailed creating a design recommendation for the relationship between audio and visual icons. These are to be used on mobile interfaces for illiterate users of technology in rural India.

In current systems, the interfaces are mainly sound based, in which the user follows audio instructions to achieve their goal. However, this can cause errors in task completion through mishearing or failure in interpretation.

To augment the user experience and address these design challenges, I proposed to utilize visual icons to illustrate these activities.

In this design process, I sketched various illustrations of icons, shown below, that can be used to convey the audio message.

Icon Sketches

Icon 1: Welcome Greeting with Menu Option Numbers

Icon 2: Crop Improvement (Highlighted using Stars ) with Menu Option Numbers

Icon 3: Crop Production (Highlighted using Two Crop Pictures) with Menu Option Numbers

Icon 4: Crop Improvement in Summer (Highlighted using Stars and Sun) with Menu Option Numbers


The design is based on the idea of extensible icons. For the complete design recommendation, click here.