Frescompare is an Android application, created as part of the MEng Computer Science degree.  It was a collaborative effort by Sangita Ganesh, Sarirah Hamid, George Brown, Daniel Martinez, Adam Barwell, Cagri Kaan Yildirim, Tarun Kodnani, and supervised by Dr Tim Weyrich.


The project entailed creating an Android application to aid in the reconstruction of the Akrotiri frescoes, which were broken and preserved by an earthquake and volcanic eruption around 1650 BC.

The manual reconstruction process adopted by conservators, was likely to take over a century. Therefore, the focus of the project was to employ crowdsourcing techniques in a mobile phone application to distribute the tasks performed by the conservators to many people, thus speeding up the reassembling of the frescoes.

Below are some screen shots of the user interface, that follow a rock and wood theme, which affords the nature of the application.

frescompare home

Home Screen with tutorial on how to identify pieces which match and fit togetherfrescompare gameMain Game Screen, which displays two fresco pieces  from an ariel view.

The proximity map on the left helps in the match identification process. Users are taught how to employ this to determine pieces which match together in the tutorial.